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List of trades
This thread is just for trades I have with other people. That way, both the trader and I can remember when we have trades. The times will be in EST (GMT -4). These are for the genning thread and the anime giveaway.

@JoeBoss23 6 PM Sat/Sun
@Remi380 6:30 PM Sat/Sun
@bendikr 7 PM Sat/Sun
@Tony 7:30 PM Sat/Sun
@moo311 Could I reserve 7:30 PM Tonight?
I've honestly got no idea when I can trade. It's 8pm GMT right now, and I'll be able to trade most of tomorrow.
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@AverageJoe Ok
@TheAlmightySancho I'm on most of tomorrow too. Post a time when you can trade.
Unless you can trade now, I should be able to trade at 8pm EST, which I think is about 4pm GMT.
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My trade shop - V2.3
@TheAlmightySancho Ok, let me hop onto FP
@Hawlucha64 I need your fc
@moo311 The trade time is in 30 minutes from now according to what we agreed upon in the other thread, but half an hour ago according to what u have written here.
I'll stick around online so write when u come online
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Link trade for event Linoone
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@moo311  my ign is Sören i'm at the FP rn
@PerchPond Sorry, I was converting cst, not cet. If you're still online, I can trade now
@Nukz0r Our trade is in an hour, but I can trade now.

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