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[NEW MEMBER] Hiya, Pokémon Forever
Hi there, new (to me, that is) Pokémon Forever community.

I'm Michelle and I'm from the place that the Alola Region was based on. I stumbled to this site yesterday when my boyfriend was looking for a giveaway on a shiny Ditto since the GTS for (Ultra) Sun and Moon goes through many trades in such little time. We both registered and have enjoyed the website so far and we're hoping to settle in this community until our love for Pokémon dies out forever. The forum-based website has brought memories to my days in virtual pet sites like Neopets and Subeta. 

I'm a bit of an old player when it comes to the Pokémon franchise. I'm 21, about to turn 22 this upcoming month, and was introduced to Pokémon since I was about five or six when my older brother gave me his Pokémon Yellow and Blue versions on the original GameBoy. Ever since then, I've dabbled among the different generations. The last real and complete gameplay I did was for Pokémon Emerald on the Advance SP. I owned Pokémon Ruby but didn't get to the Elite Four with that gameplay. Since then, I have borrowed games from pals.

I stopped playing Pokémon up until I heard news about a generation focused on my home state. Going through my gameplay of Pokémon Moon, I loved the fact that the creators and developers did their research on the culture here. I had a reignited love for Pokémon and have bought Ultra Sun when it came out. I haven't played yet due to major breeding and shiny hunting (and eventually transferring over to the Ultra version) in my Moon, along with college and work and whatnot.

Aside from Pokémon, I'm really into the Final Fantasy series and have played a few Fire Emblem games. As you can probably tell, I'm into a lot of RPG-based games. I also used to play Kingdom Hearts when I was younger along with my brother and his friend. As of right now, I'm working on Bravely Default and hopefully will get into playing the sequel.

Like Pokémon, anime's been a big part of my life and it did lose my interest when I was in my teenage years. The last anime I can recall watching in its entirety was Code Geass. However, I picked up watching anime again in my senior year of high school with Noragami. I was impressed with how animation has come so far. My all-time favorite anime will always be Death Note (yes, even despite that robbed ending to both the manga and the anime), but my new love for this season is between The Ancient Magus' Bride and Violet Evergarden. I can't forget Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card either; I loved the original series, and my boyfriend has made fun of me for going on about it.

I hope to post more on this website and interact with all of you!
Welcome @bluefaded this is actually my first forum site to ever join (about 3 weeks ago) and I love it. Everyone is friendly and helpful so don't be shy. I wish you luck in your poke endeavors.

ps. I love anime as well, so if you ever need something new to watch just PM me lol
Yo, welcome to the site. If you have any issues be sure to PM myself, @moo311 @"yung lord" or our moderators @0kamii @FireTaco and @stephenWITNESS

Also I'm loving the Umbreon pfp
@Pokeballsohard Hi there! I'm glad to hear that your first experience with a forum website is going well and you've been enjoying it! It reassures me knowing that the community is friendly and helpful, so thank you for that.

I'm always looking for new anime to add to my "To Watch" list. I'll be sure to ask through a PM.

@Kris Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm thankful that you mentioned yourself and other users (along with the mods who run the website) to PM when there's a problem with the site. I'll hit either one of you guys up if something comes up.
Hey welcome to our Fourms,

If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the Moderators and Kahunas
@FireTaco Thank you for the welcome! I'll definitely PM either one of you guys with any questions I have when navigating the site.
Well, since @Kris beat me to [generic friendly response 01], I'll say...uh...

I am a shopkeeper. That is my trade.
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
@TheAlmightySancho I'm a max speed variant, you stood no chance of beating me Kappa Kappa Kappa
It's a shame that Sanchos naturally have a lower speed than most pokemon, but they do have much higher base defense and attack stats.
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3

Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay here  Big Grin

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