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Newcomer hiiiii :3
Hello guys,
I am currently 16 years old, living in Austria.
(speakin german, sorry 4 bad english :P)

long story short my first Pokemon game was Pokemon ruby.
After that i bought almost every new game that came out, till the 3ds game out.
(rip wallet)
I know i am a bit late, but i really want to get into it again since the remake came out months ago.
I played it mainly casual without all the shiny hunting and stuff.
I hope i can learn alot from you guys, and maybe get some help with completing some stuff ingame.
(Like my first goal is gona be gettin shiny eevee to evolve it to that fary thingy. .-., but i have no idea how hehe)

I will add my Ingame ID in prolly 2 days when i get my game.

greetings Feax :3
Welcome! :D Warm welcome from everone here, we hope you enjoy your stay as much as we do!
Welcome to the forums.
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Welcome to the Site
Welcome aboard.
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Welcome :D
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It's never too late to get into pokemon!
Welcome! If you were not aware, eevee evolves into sylveon (fairy) with the use of Pokemon-amie, and filling the heart meter by 2.
I play casual too! TwT *high five*
We should have a casual club here! Haha!
Welcome to the site! :D
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