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Old Player Getting Back In
Hello, I've been playing since the first Pokemon game but haven't played Black/White or Sun/Moon yet. Right now I'm playing Y and waiting for more information about the impending Switch title. My preferred type is probably Psychic, mostly due to Alakazam being my favourite original Pokemon. Outside of that, I seem to trend toward single-type Pokemon with diverse move types. The changes between generations sometimes throw me off a little bit also, but I'm slowly relearning.

Right now I'm breeding and training a Gen 1 team for battles and collecting random items I have missed, but my Dittos are all pretty poor so it is taking awhile. I'm more into battling than shiny hunting or even breeding really, but it's nice to learn everything about each Pokemon. I've never encountered a shiny but am looking forward to it when/if it happens— hopefully my luck is stockpiling a bit.

Otherwise I'm into PC gaming titles, mostly stragegy or creativity dependant single player games like Civ or Kerbal Space Program.
Welcome to the site! You'll meet so many amazing people here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of the other members! Also, make sure to check out the discord.
Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm a resident shopkeeper and guy-who-talks-too-much. I, too, am a big fan of PC games, been playing a lot of a strategy game called Stellaris recently (I'd recommend looking it up some time, it's really good).

And I wish you luck in finding a shiny, there's no moment quite like finding your first one. Mine was a Tympole on pokemon Black. And there was also that shiny Magikarp on my first fishing attempt on Sun...
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Hi,  and welcome to the site! I can see a shiny in you future or maybe thats just a smudge in my Crystal Ball. Mine was in X, a Nuzleaf from FS.
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I've been meaning to catch Stellaris on sale, but missed it the month or so ago when it actually was. It looks awesome, I just need to check the store more often.

Thanks for the hellos, looking forward to learning a lot here.
Welcome! XY were probably my favourite games, with USUM being second or third, depending on where Crystal falls in. I too have been playing since Gen 1, Pokemon Blue for my clear purple Gameboy Color was my first game, Yellow was my second Pokemon game. Glad to have you on board and if you need any breeding help feel free to ask.
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Hello! Smile

You can consider about the new Pokemons too! Smile

Well, Gen 1-2 Pokemons tend to have a huge movepool, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, etc.
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@LootSocrates You can count on me if you need any nice Breedject of a Gen I Fire-Type mon (or other generations). Smile

This list of mine covers all of them (and in fact every existing Fire-type mon!) in different natures, genders, balls, hidden abilities etc.!
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