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[SUN/MOON] *Attention PKhex Users* Community GA!
Okay Guys. I updated the thread so now we can discuss what we gonna do
So the people that are helping me are:

@Brockahly  Confirmed
@Qui  Confirmed
@ThreeSidedSquare Confirmed
@Sylveon Confirmed

@br3ndy Confirmed
@Omradem Confirmed

Pls Confirm that you are still up for it (leave a post saying you still wanna do it)

We are each going to Give Away 9 Pokemon (or more if someone drops out)

So before we start assigning roles I just want to make sure Everyone still wants to do this Smile

I’m back!
Great idea !  Smile
I could help, but except cloning (and maybe shinying ^^), all the Pokemons I breed are done by "hand".
So it could take some time. There are some I already have though.
@Huntaari So you want to help? I'll PKhex them and you can clone them
I’m back!
@Hatonacat : Yup, why not ? But it can still be regular GiveAway. My intention was to do Alolan Pokemon GA anyway, or those who weren't already given away.
@Huntaari Have you tried doing @moo311 guide for soundhax?
I’m back!
I'd be interested! I've been wanting to do my own give away for a while not but I just wasn't sure how to do it, I feel like this would be a good opportunity to learn.
@Brockahly Thanks! Smile
I’m back!
Well tomorrow is when I should be getting what I need (a screwdriver) to get pkhex! Once I get it, I'll be more than happy to help out too!
@Qui That would be awesome! Smile
I’m back!
I can breed legit mons, I don't do PkHex though, which I think this giveaway is for.

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