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[SUN/MOON] Haruna's Abandon Thrifty Megamart
(Jan 12, 2017, 12:07 PM)Haruna Wrote: @nmhan Thanks for visiting. I'm interested in the Pinsir. I already have the others you offered, but you came at the right time. I was going to make more space for new breedjects. You may have all seven of the wanted pokemon for one pinsir.

Oh wow, really? I honestly thought I could offer more  Blush

That's really nice of you! I have added your FC, but I have to attend an interview soon. Let's trade tomorrow if you are available!
@nmhan No problem. Hope the interview goes well. Let me know when you are available with the timezone tomorrow. Mentions and pms helps too.
I've got Jolly 5 IV Litten
Jolly Don't know the IVs Gible
Timid Don't Know the IVs Salandit
Modest 5 IVs Trace Porygon

I am REALLY interested in the Alolan Vulpix with Snow Warning and Alolan Grimer with Poison Touch
and Shadow Sneak.

@Haruna, hope you're interested in something.
@PabloTyron Not interested on any of your offers since have those already in the Megamart. But I'm willing to give the Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Grimer since im cleaning out my inventory for Pokebank.
Thanks so much! @Haruna

You want me to deposit in the GTS or...
@PabloTyron I usually do the trades in trade link, but i'll try to do the GTS method. Deposit a metapod in the GTS, leave your metapod info (Level and Gender) along with your IGN in your next reply.
IGN: Pablo-Tyron
Pokemon Requested: Alolan Grimer
Pokemon Deposited: Metapod
Lvl (of pokemon deposited): 20
Nature (of pokemon deposited): Relaxed Nature
Gender (of pokemon desposited): Female

@PabloTyron Don't see you. sniped?

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