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Transferring from G1 to G2?
I've been wondering this for a while and I can't seem to find a concrete answer.

Is there a way to transfer pokemon from Generation 1 games on VC to Generation 2 on VC WITHOUT the use of a second console. Is there a way with the Pokebank? Does the time capsule allow anything? Is there any way to, I don't know, edit the files to have duplicates of my G1 pokemon in my G2 PC or something?

I'd like to know for the sake of others and also because It'd be nice to have my G1 team in G2. Maybe I could (eventually) have a perfect Sandslash that has beaten every Elite 4 of every region? I don't know how I'd achieve it, but...
Also, I'd like to know because I want to have an Umbreon on my team and I don't want to wait until Celadon because I'm at the 4th gym with only 2 pokemon (One of which is a normal-type). I'd also like a Sandslash on my team (My favourite pokemon, if you can't tell) and I thought it'd be nice to celebrate Gen 2's introduction of breeding with the offspring of my Elite 4-winning MVP, Cleopatra the Sandslash, being on my team in Johto.

TL;DR: Is there a way to get Gen 1 VC Pokemon to Gen 2 VC with only 1 console?

Any help is appreciated Smile
(I'm sorry if this question has already been asked or if this is the wrong place to ask)
No, the pokebank for gen 2 hasn't come out yet and time capsule requires 2 consoles.
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(Sep 27, 2017, 12:30 PM)moo311 Wrote: No, the pokebank for gen 2 hasn't come out yet and time capsule requires 2 consoles.

Yet? So, we will be able to eventually? Is there a release date? It's sad that I can't do it now, but it's cool that I'll be able to do it in due time Smile

Thanks for the response!
It's supposed to come out in mid-December
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You can catch me online at 7-9 PM EST almost every day

(Sep 27, 2017, 02:13 PM)moo311 Wrote: It's supposed to come out in mid-December

Mid-December? That's a long wait... Sad
There goes my idea, then. I could just temporarily use another pokemon but I don't want to because I'll grow attached and be reluctant to box it and replace it with the Eevee from Celadon city. Oh well

Thanks again for your help Smile
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EDIT: I realised a week ago that you can receive the Eevee in Goldenrod. I guess I just saw that I got the Eevee from Bill and so I thought it'd be in Celadon (I also thought that guy that gives you Eevee was Bill, i guess...)
Does anyone know the exact date that we'll be able to use the Pokebank for Gen 2? Or, alternatively, does anyone know any other methods?
Can Pokemon be transferred TO virtual console games by the bank?  I understood that the transporter took them out permanently.  Can they be returned to the vc games, then?  Has anyone tried it before?
Last time i tried i was resetting Yellow vc and i had transferred it to the bank to the move them to Sun/Moon(They have an unique symbol that collectors also like)

I hope in future they make 3ds remakes of Yellowwww with Return of Team rocket stronger than before/ more gyms/ more rivals other than Gary.

(though for now only Romhacks have similiar stuff)
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