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[VGC] Pokemon VGC 2017 Tier List (Always Current)
Now that I've played the Arcanine-Fini-Kartana combo on several VGC games on Showdown, I have my own personal opinions on several mons on this tier list, particularly the higher ones.

Marowak-Alola: If Arcanine's tankiness can't make the cut when it comes to the matchup, Marowak can be a better offensive solution. At least put this guy in A tier if it can't go to A+ or S. Slap a Thick Club on it and the offensive capabilities grow monstrously.

Tapu Fini: With the rise of the usage of Aurora Veil Ninetales and the AFK, Defog Fini can be very useful in a lot of situations. This mon synergizes very well with Kartana more than it does with Arcanine, and it can actually serve as a supportive tank when used with the correct moveset. Right now I'm using a Scald/Moonblast/Ice Beam/Defog moveset, and it's worked very well as a tank, as it's lasted a very long while in most of my battles. I would put it in A+.

Arcanine: This boy has a very very slim chance of getting in S tier. While it is by far one of the most utilizable Fire tanks in VGC, demonstrating strong support, it's not that capable when it comes to entry in S tier. I use an Extreme Speed/Flare Blitz/Protect/Morning Sun moveset on my Arcanine, and after playing a few games with it, I just feel like it's going to stay in A+.

Kartana: I don't like where Kartana is going to go when it comes to the metagame. While its current A+ status is showing itself, it is not the greatest sweeper, and while fast and physically bulky, is very specially frail. The high attack is worth complimenting, as Gigaliths and Muks have fallen to Kartana's will, but every so often, a special attacker will come and be rid of it very, very quickly, giving it no chance to retaliate. It will fall, let me assure you, but it won't fall lower than A-.

Ninetales-Alola: I'm particularly referring to the Aurora Veil Ninetales. It just feels like it may get into A+ tier if there's barely any Defogs around, but Fini and yes, even Kartana has gotten very common these days, and both of them can wipe out Alolan Ninetales very quickly. However, if those mons couldn't learn Defog, Alolan Ninetales could definitely find a higher place on this list. I don't think it should go any lower than where it is now.
Completely opinion based, but I have a suggestion. I have won some games with the use of a trolling Togedemaru. The set is pretty fun to use and I have won some games with the use of nuzzle coming through. There are some mons pretty prone to a surprise Togedemaru like Fini, Araquanid, Gyarados, and even both double ducks. Electrium Z is a bit of a surprise that most people don't expect. I personally like paring it with the infamous AFK combo, or an Alola Marowak. In conclusion, at the least, move Togedemaru up to C+.
Great input @PhazontheGreat and @Swag42FTW, I'll tag @Black117 so he sees the suggestions.

Not sure if he'll make any adjustments, but the suggestions are always appreciated and fun to discuss.
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I'm going to edit this soon but don't expect much movement from this aside additional new Pokemon and some rising mons that have gain some spotlight in usage or performed well during tournaments during this month. At this point, don't really see any pokemon who I view as "s-tier" aside a couple candidates like Koko or Chomp who have been consistently been doing well, but not to where its dominating every game (which is imo a good thing). In response to some mons:

Marowak-Alolan (Stays at A-): Personally haven't used as much, but its one of the best counters to Tapu Koko and can perform well in Trick Room. My concern is Marowak seems to rely much on the Trick Room mode to be an offensive force it already is, though will say when it does, few mons can stop it. Again Lightening Rod support is appreciated, I feel Alolan Marowak's lack of speed is what's hurting the Ghost/Fire-type and its low defensive stats. There's just so much that pressures Alolan Marowak like Garchomp, Fini, Alolan Muke, Nihilego, or even strong special Z-move users who can OHKO it before it does anything. Still think Alolan Marowak a strong mon on the right team support if you can pressure teams with its doubled attack stat and provide the Lightening Rod support.

Tapu Fini (Rises to A+): Was hesitant at giving Tapu Fini A+ until I realized how much of an impact its had in the early metagame with its high support and defensive value. Despite the lack of "benefits" Fini gets from its respective Misty Terrain, it actually can support the rest of the team via preventing status conditions, which has long be a staple in the VGC format. There's so many variations of Tapu Fini we've seen in the past few months such as Calm Mind, Specs, Safe Swagger, or utility support which it can do almost all these things relatively well. Definitely a splashable mon to use right now.

Arcanine (Stays at A+): Honestly while Arcanine usage is almost at a new high, its mostly due to the lack of relatively good Fire-type Pokemon in the format and Arcanine's rather above average stats at least holding up. The past month I've seen Arcanine sets vary between offensive sets with Choice Band, support options to spread Wisp/Intimdate, and even weird Assault Vest variants to have a mix of the two. Arcanine is a strong Fire-type, however it still gets pressured by even some of the common Pokemon like Tapus listed here, Water-types, and Dragon-types. Again like Tapu Fini, Arcanine is extremely varied in sets despite the limiting options it has from its movepool.

Kartana (Drops to A): Now this one I was going to make awhile back, but definitely Kartana should be dropped given now it seems more teams are better prepared to stop this paper alien thing. Despite Kartana having an insane high attack stat, teams have been more suited to pressure it with Intimidate spam, or target down its low special defense stats. For Kartana to work, the player either has to make aggressive predictions or setup the endgame where it can effectively clean a depleted team who lost their checks to the Grass/Steel-type prior. Don't get me wrong, Kartana is still an strong offensive mon to use, but team have adjusted to keeping it at bay.

Ninetales-Alolan (Stays to A) Haven't seen much change in usage or set variations from Ninetales aside some random Scarf sets, however it support options with Aurora Veil, Icy Wind, and fast Encore justify it enough. Not to mention Ninetales has a one of the fastest non scarf STAB Blizzard spam in the game, though somewhat weak. Alolan Ninetales is threatening enough with Blizzard spam to deal good chip damage while setting up Aurora Veil for its team.
I'm looking at this, and wondering where the following Pokemon would be...

  1. Golisopod
  2. Lumineon
  3. Decidueye
  4. Incineroar
  5. Primarina
  6. Toucannon
  7. Vikavolt
  8. Blissey
  9. Hypno
  10. Crabominable
  11. Crobat
  12. Braviary
  13. Ribombee
  14. Golduck
  15. Whiscash
  16. Machamp
  17. Lycanroc
  18. Sableye
  19. Carbink
  20. Toxapex
  21. Cloyster
  22. Salamence
  23. All the Eeveelutions
  24. Mudsdale
  25. Lurantis
  26. Shiinotic
  27. Poliwrath
  28. Alomomola
  29. Salazzle
  30. Kangaskhan
  31. Magmortar
  32. Bewear
  33. Tsareena
  34. Passimaian
  35. Goodra
  36. Palossand
  37. Bastiodon
  38. Archeops
  39. Carracosta
  40. Trevenant
  41. Probopass
  42. Pyukumuku
  43. Skarmory
  44. Garbodor
  45. Ditto
  46. Clefable
  47. Metagross
  48. Pangoro
  49. Turtonator
  50. Electivire
  51. A-Golem
  52. Flygon
  53. Klefki
  54. Absol
  55. Glalie
  56. Froslass
  57. Weavile
  58. Sandslash
  59. Vanilluxe
  60. Relicanth
  61. Sharpedo
  62. Wailord
  63. Lapras
  64. Kommo-o
  65. Scizor
  66. Honchkrow
  67. Dragonite
  68. If anyone knows where any of these would go, please help me out and respond!

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