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[Video Games] Addicted to...
With tons of new people coming in how about we ask some questions to get to know the new people (that kinda sounds creepy Kappa), so i wanna know what game (besides Pokemon, but if honestly thats what you've been playing alot i guess you can add it) have you currently been addicted to, the game that currently has been sucking the hours out of your day, that game that causes "one more round" to turn into "one more chapter", and why, what makes the game so much fun.

Personally ive been addicted to a game called Binding of Issac Rebirth, the format of the game is similar to the orginial legend of zelda games, a topdown view where you explore rooms and pick up items to increase you power, the games is getting a DLC update soon so ive been trying to 100% the game in at 93% as we speak, but the final thing i have to do it super difficult but im gonna try to.

Lets start a conversation, who knows maybe you can find someone in the community that plays the same games as you and you can play together in a challange or something :D
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pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, oh did i mention pokemon?
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I did get really addicted to Splatoon. Turf war is fun to just relax with, but ranked battles can get pretty intense. The game is beautiful too, the controls feel smooth and it's just an overall pleasurable gaming experience.

I recently started playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse again as well. I'm trying to do one of the DLC Parallel quests to unlock some Ultimate Attacks, but it's a really difficult quests to beat.

Apart from that, not much. I did play CoD MW2 yesterday because sniping people is fun
Pokemon. Pokemon. Pokemon. Binding of Isaac. Pokemon. Meincrft. Pokemon. Binding of Isaac. Did I mention Pokemon? No? Okay then. Pokemon.
Other than Pokemon. I play Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, and Smash
Been playing a crap load of heroes of the storm lately. Been also playing the campaign of StarCraft 2 (all on my stream) and jumping between Elders Scrolls Online and Wildstar as my MMO fix, plus the on/off dark soul 2 run
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The original Ace Attorney-trilogy. The replay value of these games isn't earth-shattering, but it's more of a mental addiction than an addiction to playing the game.

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies... That game took my soul, I still haven't recovered.
CS;GO.... Best game ever. Yeah yeah, pokemon is awesome but i don't get the same rush.
So i need to play atleast a game aday of CS;GO, Need that fix like......

I used to looooove dark souls till i realized you can beat EVERY boss the same way, then the challange went away so i started to speed run it and my best time is something around 9 hours.
With DS3 coming out and more movement to the character comming i'm pretty sure it will only get easier from here.
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Other than pokemon? Not a lot lol. I've been filling a lot of time with Don't Starve and Mario Maker lately. I'm a big fallout fan but haven't been in a playthrough lately.

Oh also zelda games,.... so get with it nintendo! Flippin wii u has been out this long and no new zelda game.... it's a hate crime for real.

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