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WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] Discussion Thread
So i just got back into watching WWE since like 2009-2010. Of course, not as good as it use to be but it has a lot of promise.

Really into Dean Ambrose right now, awesome character, has great mic skills and good in-ring ability. The Usos are a great tag team, great in the ring.

I found the fact the brands arnt split anymore really interesting, i think it was a good decision.

The divas division is kind of pathetic. Only one im finding interesting right now is Paige.

Hoping for some better storylines soon.

Discuss recent matches, favorite superstars, etc.

The last Smackdown was pretty good, really liked the triple threat Tag Team Championship match and the main event was entertaining too. Excited for Raw tonight.
Haven't watched since Brock Lesnar won at Summerslam. From what I've heard at /r/squaredcircle, NXT is becoming way better of a product.
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Ah good, a topic I'm familiar with. Been a big fan of wrestling since I first saw it way back in 97 (I was like 5 or 6 at the time) and I saw Kane rip the Hell in a Cell door off its hinges.

Anywho, Ambrose is fantastic, I just wish they'd stop having him lose so regularly in such stupid ways (mainly noticeable on PPV). Rollins is great too, but it looks like Reigns will be the one getting the biggest push that I really don't think he's ready for. The Ascension could be good, but that Legion of Doom stuff is really on the nose. Others I'm a big fan of include Sheamus (but then, he's Irish), Ziggler, Bryan, and Cesaro. Divas was generally always quite weak, the only two on the main roster I care about really are AJ and Paige. Bella twins couldn't act to save their lives, and that was never more obvious than when they feuded with each other.

Washer, yeah, nxt is by and large pretty fantastic (imo). Zayn, Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor, Hideo Itami, Neville, Becky Lynch, and so many other fantastic talents. The Vaudevillains have been a very enjoyable tag team, I'd like to see them get a run with the tag titles at some point. Also Enzo and Big Cass have been hugely entertaining in my view, and I'm glad they didn't just stick Cass as "generic tough tall guy".
Oooooo yeeeeaahh, something I can really get behind.

Ambrose is one ofmy favourites because he's different than the typical superstar. He's unorthodox and really good at it. He along with Bray have the best mic skills out of the new generation.

Reigns is gonna get a huge push because he has everything a top star needs (though being the Rock's cousin does help a little). Though his mic work needs a lot of work. Vince writing his promos to make him look like a comicbook character doesn't really go well with his style, he should be pushed as a hyper agressive, golberg type - silent but powerful.

The divas divison has gone to crap. Long gone are the epic matches like trish vs lita. I agree that AJ and Paige are pretty much keeping it afloat, though I cringed when Paige went on total divas. Being billed as the Anti-Diva all through NXT then doing the reality tv show just killed it. Bellas are horrible at acting and matches, Naomi might have a chance. They should push Natalia a lotmore, she has a lot of power and dominance to her. Her match with CHarlette on NXT was really good. They gotta bring Charlette up to put credibility to the division. The NXT divas are much better, the likes of Banks and Lynch run rings around Rae and Layla.

NXT is much better in terms of in ring performance. I guess thats to be expected because they want to prove themselves a lot. Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn are insanely talented and needto be brought up soon.

I nearly had a heart attack when i saw Sting at Survivor Series I always watch WCW over WWE until they were brought out, but even when he was on TNA. Just an awesome character who is as legendary as Rick Flair. He really should have one match and thats against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The icons of the two biggest wrestling brands duking it out is the dream of any of the 90's wrestling fans Smile
On the plus side of Taker vs Sting, now that Taker's streak is gone there'd be less pressure on the match I guess.

I get what you're saying about the way Reigns is being pushed as almost comic book character like. He could do well in a more Goldberg like role, but they seem adamant to push him the way he's going. Thing is, I don't think he's particularly great in-ring either. As part of the Shield he was kinda protected, Dean and Seth could do most of the work in tag matches and then he could tag in and do his big pop moves.

I dunno if I'd like to see those two go up soon, maybe give them a few tests first on the bigger stage. I'd hate to see them go the way of Rose, who's just kinda there most weeks, but not really doing much of consequence.
There are rumors that Undertaker won't be at Wrestlemania this year so it will be Sting vs HHH. (Just saying)
Watched my first NXT tonight, loving Adrian neville and sami zayn as far as in ring performance. Know nothing about the characters. The divas match was pretty good too.
There are rumors that ambrose is losing a lot because wwe wants him winner of royal rumble :D
Reigns is gonna be the rumble winner, he's gonn be push the most during thr Road to Wrestlemania. Lesnar's gonna retain at the rumble so Lesnar vs Reigns for the title is what's gonna happen, as a metaphoric passing of the torch to the next generation. Would be bettet if he won a singles title beforehand though.
(Jan 15, 2015, 03:10 AM)Bullet Wrote: There are rumors that ambrose is losing a lot because wwe wants him winner of royal rumble :D

Hopefully that's the case.

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