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[ANIME] Favorite anime/Anime character
Anime:Naruto Shippuden
Anime: well it used to be Hitman Reborn but now Afterstory takes it by FAR
Character: who else but quagsire Nagisa, rip never forget, I cri evritime 5evs 3stronk5me
Eckley is best grill
Go on and on, grow into a phenomenon
Hikigaya Hachiman is on top of my list from Oregairu Snafu. His thoughts will make you also question the way you used to think

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Ace and Luffy from One piece. I remember my brother whenever i see them

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I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

My Favorite Anime: No Game No Life

Favorite Anime Characters: Sora and Shiro (No Game No Life), Sting and Wendy (Fairy Tail), Elana Arshavina (World Break)
I'm actually NZero

The site doesn't let me change profile name
ash ketchum! first rate poke loser, entered championship in what, 5 regions now, never won, he has been 10 years old for about 20 years now, rough, he still cant grasp simple concepts like type advantage

pokemon! the anime, a 20 yeaar running pile of ****, basically more like a 700+ episode cmmercial for the game, and also reassurance for people who suck at pokemon as much as ash does

^^^ jk ^^^
i wish they would actually make the anime decent =(

on that note for the sake of this board ill say my favorite pokemon anime character and anime are...

Red fromPokemon The Origin!!!! best piece f poke-anime out, if you havent seen it id sugest going to kissanime and watching it, it is only four episodes and it covers the first game almost true to story, hey just had to throw in mega evolution to advertise for xy release

its what every poke-anime shoulda been from the start

i saay we start a petition for them to make a full season based off of red and the original game, then move on from there covering all games and actual characters from the game, actually becoming a pokemon master!!!!!!
Zenkichi Hitoyoshi from Medaka Box!
My favourite anime is Hunter x Hunter 2011, though!
Hmmm I would say my favorite anime Is Soul Eater
My favorite character would deefintly be Dr.Stein or Justin Law
Money cannot buy happiness, but somehow, it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes Benz than a bicycle.

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uwu i can hacku
Favorite Anime : Cory in the House
Favorite Anime Character: Barry B. Benson
RIP Miranda Cosgrove 1975-2017
Can I change my answer?
Favourite anime: TheReplayFlynn
Favourite Character: Eckley <3
Eckley is best grill
Go on and on, grow into a phenomenon
I have gotten into anime fairly recently... A few months ago.

So far my favorite anime is World Trigger, and my favorite character is Kuga from it.
George R.R Martin wrote 2016 :L

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