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the thing that bugs me off is the amount of people who play Pokémon GO but haven't played the main series games.

For example someone in my year overheard me and poké-group of friends talk about the Mew event in februrary and the boy was like:

---- That wet peice of crap that people call a game and anime!? (talks **** about Pokémon and sooooo on)

Few months later he says:

---- Downloaded Pokémon GO yet?

And we were like: You don't even watch the anime or play the main series games!
Then I drew a Dratini (Pokémon Art Academy taught me well) - And said: Who's that Pokémon? (And no I didn't realise that I said it just like in the anime)

And they were like ---- Eh? Never seen it.

That marks the end of one story of people just wanting to be part of the Pokémon GO crowd.

Funnily enough, they started to play Pokémon Ruby! Using an emulator...


Another short story: At a Pokéstop I found a Dragonite and couldn't help but shout in delight.
Some people heard me and was like ---no way! And then asked me: whats a Dragonite???



Phew. Finally reached the end of my Pokémon GO rant.


If i somehow offended you beause you apply to the --- just playing Pokémon GO because everyone else is playing it ------- I am truly sorry but honestly it shouldn't matter because I know everyone here is a devout Pokémon fan. 


Also, around September the 9th would you like to see a shiny Gallade giveaway? Comment belowwwww.
(PS. There is nothing bad about using an emulator. Just that buy the actual game to show support to the developers. But mainly because its illegal you kind of need the actual game before using emulators)
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<3 Fire Emblem <3 Pokémon
Im guessing i bored a lot of people. Yay.
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<3 Fire Emblem <3 Pokémon
10 million people (rounded up from the actual) already dropped it. OF course, that's like... not even 10% of the total player amount... Pokemon go isn't going to die for a while sincem ost apps this hugel ose 90% of their users in the same time frame.

Since pokemon go is so popular, you kinda have to expect that a lot of people are playing this as their literal first pokemon game. Ya gotta be nice to them, no one walked up to you when you got your first pokemon game (like idk ruby) slapped it out of your hand and told you to get a real pokemon game (gen1'ers delight right there)

Teach them the ways of pokemon, let them learn of the awesomeness that is pokemon. As their first pokemon expiriance you dont wanna ruin the mystery of finding a new thing they havent seen before.
George R.R Martin wrote 2016 :L

You don't look so well... how bout 50cc's of LINKS!?
Well I don't know much about Pokemon Go as I don't have smart phone to play it.   But my thoughts were, yes, it may be the gateway game that get's them to Pokemon Sun/Moon.   Though I was to old when Gen 1 started (I probably wasn't the target demographic), it was the toon that got me interested into what the game might be like.  Bought my first gameboy and Blue (fav color) and wore the batteries out in 8 hours playing it the first day.

Your post also made me remind me of Wil Wheaton talking about how that people love different things in different ways.   And that we could be more inclusive to someone who loves something that we love, rather than being jerks and say "You love it wrong."  Or the reverse if someone says that to us.
(Aug 27, 2016, 06:48 AM)naitre Wrote: of a different Nvidia game

Nope. It was AMD. Or maybe Intel...
I'm glad this topic opened a mini discussion here. I understand the frustration of people maybe coming off as fake or "two-faced" they seems to "LOVE" Pokemon soooooo much but it appears superficial when they can't go beyond very surface level recognition like "that's Pikachu", or "this pokemon is so cute".

That being said, personally, and as a community, I think we should strive to be accepting of these people. Like stated above they soon downloaded an emulator to play Ruby. Which is not neccessarily the correct thing to do but could lead to a future "true" fan of Pokemon.

And when I say "true" I don't mean they're not really a fan. I find it very difficult at times, but have truly adopted the belief that Pokemon is mean to be experienced together, but on an individual level. If that makes sense.
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I even heard someone say. Hey, What pikachu is this? Kek
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

...I'm just waiting for the hype ot die down....
You're always going to have people who follow what's currently popular, and it's no different with Pokémon GO. The trend followers will eventually move on to something else and the true fans will stick around. Try to look at it positively. If even 20% of those new people buy Sun and Moon, then that's great for Pokémon all around. For a franchise that's been around for 20 years, staying relevant is important. Pokémon GO has launched the franchise into unprecedented levels of success, and that's huge! As others have said on here, don't put down the newcomers. Encourage them to check out the games, watch the anime, play the card game, etc.
I would say the same. I see so much young Kids who playing this game but i dont care. If they like pokemon go they should play it and of course the main games too. What makes me angry are these kinds of player who buy his pokemon account. I dont know why but you see here in germany so much players with lv 30+ and tons of pokemons with 3000wp. Anyway dont be mad with People who started pokemon go as New comer be mad with People which doesnt play fair and destroying otherthe fun of the game.  :D

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