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[DISCUSSION] What are you looking for?
This is going to be a thread that gives inspiration to my next giveaway. Would you want a ditto giveaway, continue the genning giveaway, mythical pokemon/ultra beasts, different themed giveaways? The possibilities are endless! I would really appreciate your input.

Coming Up:
Eeveelution themed
Other themes (strongest of the types, etc.)
Popular pokemon
Fandom pokemon
Mystery Dungeon
6 pokemon per person: giveaway
Cow giveaway
Well... I really want a mythical pokemon giveaway, I have looked forward to see one, but I never did. Plus, mythical pokemon are some of the most amazing pokemon. So I think it would be a great idea to make one of those
@AniMangelo Thank you for the input Smile I'm thinking about it. It would be fitting after a legendary pokemon giveaway
Genning because you can get anything legal via gen
@Reis Ok, thanks for the input Smile
I think the genning has been supurb! Also ENDLESS possibilities. I have always been a fan of themes too though.
Very big fan of the genning giveaway! I'm able to build teams much more quicker now and battling with my friends has been pretty epic since
@Mr-Soybean @jceey15 Thank you for your input Smile
Yeah, I agree that the best type of giveaway is the genning giveaway.  However, I also don't want you to get burnt out fulfilling gen requests all the time.
@Keith_Kuruzu Thank you for your input Smile

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