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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
[Image: CTN57aW.png]

Hello, I play X/Y/OR/AS and I have been playing since gen 4. Starting in 5th gen, I noticed online how difficult it was to get most legendary pokemon, mew, celebi, arceus, meloetta, etc. I made it a point to get at least 1 legit of every legendary pokemon in the book [at that point, which was articuno--genesect]. When the notion of transfer arose, I got a little worried. I didn't want to permanently lose the friendship that I had built with the pokemon in one game, and what if something went wrong with the transfer process? or I later lost the new game? That was when I carefully researched cloning, to make an exact copy of all the pokemon I wanted to transfer before transferring. After I transferred the ones I wanted, I realized that a copy of a legit pokemon makes a second legit pokemon, and if I could transfer one copy, I could transfer several, over and over again. Immediately, I filled my pc with 15 of every legendary articuno to genesect, both shiny and non [except for shiny locked ones. each passes successfully through transfer, proving legitimacy. 

Once my pc was full of them, I reached out in many places as I could to try and let people know: since I have as many as I'll ever need, I trade them away free [for zigzagoons/fletchlings/anything you easily find]. 

Please keep in mind: 
--there will be several people wanting some from other places/websites 
--the size of a pc [please don't ask for 100, or 50, or 20, of every one. I don't want to have to place a limit.] -.o 
--I'm not always fully stocked.
--time zones may not always mesh, there may have to be arrangements or compromises. [one stays up really late, or wakes up really early] I am in Central Time.

so an update: the legendaries come from the method above, cloned from gen 5 and transferred. but the new way I do this, I don't clone them in my gen 6 or 7 games anymore. for one, I have next to no pc space in gen 7. so what I do now, is I found this awesome save manager, I export the save file with the legendaries in it. then I trade them away. then I re-import the save file, and just like that, the legendaries are back. so now, when I say free, please don't feel like you need to give me something good anyway. my new priority is pc space, so please note that with my new giveaway method, whatever you give me will be COMPLETELY OVERWRITTEN, never to be seen again. so please, don't try to give me shinies or anything!

aside from legendaries, I also have:
-shiny Phione [i know it's a legend, but a super common one, so I only have shiny ones]
-shiny Zorua
-shiny Zoroark
-shiny Volcarona
-shiny Absol: male [lv100], female [lv 1]
-shiny Eevee: male and female
-shiny Rotom

my regular list for gen 6 [to start]
Articuno: shiny and non shiny
Zapdos: shiny and non shiny
Moltres: shiny and non shiny
Mew: shiny and non shiny
Mewtwo: shiny and non shiny
Lugia: shiny and non shiny
Ho-oh: shiny and non shiny
Celebi: non shiny [The ones I have to transfer are SL]
Raikou: normal shiny, event shiny, and non shiny
Entei: normal shiny, event shiny, and non shiny
Suicune: normal shiny, event shiny, and non shiny
Kyogre: shiny and non shiny
Groudon: shiny and non shiny
Rayquaza: normal shiny, event [JPN V-create] shiny, non shiny, event [JPN V-create] non shiny
Latias: shiny and non shiny
Latios: shiny and non shiny
Regirock: shiny and non shiny
Regice: shiny and non shiny
Registeel: shiny and non shiny
Jirachi [english]: non shiny [also SL]
Deoxys: shiny and non shiny
Uxie: shiny and non shiny
Mesprit: shiny and non shiny
Azelf: shiny and non shiny
Palkia: shiny and non shiny
Dialga: shiny and non shiny
Giratina: shiny and non shiny
Cresselia: shiny and non shiny
Darkrai: shiny and non shiny
Manaphy: shiny and non shiny
Heatran: shiny and non shiny
Regigigas: shiny and non shiny
Shaymin: shiny and non shiny
Arceus: DW, TRU [SL], shiny
Victini: non shiny [SL]
Cobalion: shiny and non shiny
Terrakion: shiny and non shiny
Virizion: shiny and non shiny
Thundurus: shiny and non shiny
Tornadus: shiny and non shiny
Landorus: shiny and non shiny
Keldeo: non shiny [SL]
Kyurem: shiny and non shiny
Reshiram: non shiny [SL], shiny [from gen 6]
Zekrom: non shiny [SL], shiny [from gen 6]
Meloetta: non shiny [SL]
Genesect: non shiny JPN, shiny JPN, non shiny english, shiny english

I also have some of the new 6th gen events.
Shiny JPN Jirachi
Diancie: JPN, english, shiny [english name japanese OT]
Shiny Arceus
Shiny event Xerneas
Shiny event Yveltal
Event Zygarde
Shiny event Diancie

Latias and Latios with Defog: non shiny and shiny of each
Regenerator Ho-oh: non-shiny and shiny
Multiscale Lugia: non-shiny and shiny
ALL 20th anniv event mythicals
HA Aldora legendary birds

thanks to the pokebank update, the giveaway can now span both gens, so when you post please specify the game or gen you are needing this in.

also available:

Cosmog [shiny locked]
Cosmoem [shiny locked]
Solgaleo [shiny locked]
Lunala [shiny locked]
Tapu koko [the shiny locked one]
Shiny tapu koko event
Tapu fini [shiny locked]
Tapu lele [shiny locked]
Tapu bulu [shiny locked]
Nihilego [shiny locked]
Kartana [shiny locked]
Guzzlord [shiny locked]
Necrozma [shiny locked]
Xurkitree [shiny locked] [Bashful nature or docile nature] 
Celesteela [shiny locked] [sassy nature or bold nature]
Shiny Celesteela
Buzzwole [shiny locked]
Pheromosa [shiny locked] [quiet nature, brave nature, timid nature, or impish nature]
Marshadow [shiny locked] [the one listed below]
Magearna [shiny locked]
Zygsrde [shiny locked] [aura break ability]
Zygarde [shiny locked] [Power construct ability]
Zygarde [shiny locked] [Power construct ability] [all 4 signature moves]

shiny shiny locked pokemon! I now have trade-able shiny victini, celebi, keldeo, meloetta, and hoopa! [for gen 7 only]

Magearna from the qr code event!

Marshadow! I have a japanese legit marshadow, and one that I pkhexed to have an english name and origin. if you request a marshadow please specify which you want.
-LEGIT english marshadow from the gamestop event! from now on, if you request a marshadow, this will be the default one I give unless you request otherwise.

I now can offer all separate forms of deoxys!

dialga 2018 [moon version] [proofed]
palkia 2018 [sun version] [proofed]
dialga 2018 [ultra verson] [proofed]
palkia 2018 [ultra version/no bottle cap] [proofed]
heatran 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
regigigas 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
heatran 2018 [moon version] [proofed]
regigigas 2018 [sun version] [proofed]
raikou 2018 [moon version] [proofed]
entei 2018 [sun version] [proofed]
raikou 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
entei 2018 [ultra verson/no bottle cap] [proofed]
up to this point, aside from the ones traded to me, the normal rei/heatran, they say date met 2016 because I was unaware my ds thought it was 2016. this has been corrected and the rest should say 2018.
Xerneas 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
Yveltal 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
Xerneas 2018 [moon version] [proofed]
Yveltal 2018 [sun version] [proofed]
Shiny Zygarde 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
Shiny Zygarde 2018 [regular version] [proofed]
Tornadus 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
Thundurus 2018 [ultra version] [proofed]
Tornadus 2018 [regular version] [proofed]
Thundurus 2018 [regular version] [proofed]

Shiny Zygarde with Power Construct
Shiny Zygarde 10%
Shiny Zygarde, Power Construct, all 4 signature moves

Ash pikachus!
Kanto available
Hoenn available
Sinnoh available
Unova available
Kalos available
Alola available
movie hat available for USUM only.

giveaway just for those: 

now also available in gen 7: event shiny raikou/entei/suicune, aldora HA articuno/zapdos/moltres, pokebank regirock/ice/steel, all 20th anniversary events, origin giratinas, shiny and non!

non legendaries:
Popplio: shiny and non
Rowlet: shiny and non
Litten: Shiny and non

ALL other starters, shiny and non! [except pikachu if he counts as a starter]

New for ultra games!
Blacephalon [kor named unko...]
pkhexed Blacephalon to be english [will have a legit english one early 2018]
Shinified pkhexed blacephalon
Stakataka [quiet or calm]
shinified Stakataka
Poipole [lv 100]
Shinified Poipole
Naganadel [lv 100]
Shinified Naganadel
shinified kartana
shinified buzzwole
shinified pheromosa
shinified celesteela
shinified nihilego
shinified xurkitree
shinified guzzlord

I now have all rotom forms shiny and non in gen 7.

Zeraora trades!! 
Japanese name zeraora [inserted with pkhex]
English name zeraora japanese OT [traded to me by japanese person, legit]
Zeraora is for ultra games ONLY.

I have all 20 vivillion patterns as well now [some jpn] if you want any of those! [Image: smile.gif] 

I also have a giveaway for all forms of unown now, shiny and non shiny! 

everything listed above above is now available in ultra sun and moon!

I know it's not technically legendary, but I redeemed the shiny silvally from the event as well, so if you want that it's also available.
I have recently been informed by nintendo's website, that type:null and silvally are also legendaries, so I now offer shiny and non shiny non of both!

let me know your time zone as well, we may have to compromise staying up or getting up early. other than that, legendaries await you! if you can, please contact me on neoseeker at username mste1602 Smile
otherwise, post a list of what you want here Smile 
hello and i would really want a shiny eevee and and/or a shiny rotom, I just think they look awesome so if you can add me 
FC:1220 9771 3356
I have added you, and btw i added you and Im online RN :D
Any way i can get a Victini? It's the only legendary i don't currently have (apart from Volcanion of course)
Info to the left, +1 rep for this INCREDIBLE giveaway!
definitely Smile
Thanks a lot!
I would really love to get a shiny eevee and a shiny rotom becouse I think they look so cool, they are my favourite shinies.
And if it works or could be possible I would want regular celebi, because its my favourite legendary.
Thanks in advance :D
My fc is: 3024-8630-2495

Btw i have added you and I am online right now. +1 rep for this amazing give away
I'd like to get a shiny genesect if thats fine Smile my info is on the left i already added you
By anychance can i get an eevee plz
This is the lore of the jungle as old and as true as the sky the wolf that shall keep it may prosper but the wolf that shall break it must die
Thanks so freaking much :D. You really made my day or week :D
yes jdawg I added you

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