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Who is your most memorable Pokemon?
Who is your memorable Pokemon?

Whether it's the one who started your journey, the first shiny you ever had, or the one that failed at stuff.
Post your most memorable Pokemon here! :D

My most cherished Pokemon is the one I call Gas Lamp.
It's a shiny Chandelure.
It may not be perfect, sure (its moveset is random junk) but his offspring, Green Flames is an awesome flawless shiny Chandelure.

This is a gas lamp...
[Image: gas-lamp-1.jpg]
Why did I post one? Idk
my most cherished mon either has to be one of my three starters my megainium in heartgold named chiky my lvl 100 samurott in black named oshy or my lvl 100 greninja named froggy g in x
i love all of them with my heart(gold) hehehe
My most memorable was my first random encounter shiny, a lv. 4 Kricketot encountered in the postgame of my Diamond version. Prior to that point I had never encountered any shinies (save Red Gyarados) in playthroughs of Gold or Ruby, so I was worried at the time that I didn't have the luck for it.

I named the Kricketot "Finally". I still have her to this day, still at lv 4, and even though I have had better luck with shinies since that point (~120 captured), I'll always remember that Kricketot.
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My most memorable Pokémon was the first one I ever had--Bulbasaur!

I was 9 years old when I was given Pokémon Red for my birthday (my younger sister was given Pokémon Blue), and we played through both games pretty much simultaneously, so that we could compare the differences. She had selected Squirtle (since blue was the color of her game), and I felt so sorry that poor Bulbasaur didn't get a green cartridge for the NTSC release!  :P It was on those grounds alone that I had to choose it and not Charmander as my starter.

Ever since then, I try to always have a Bulbasaur on my team when facing the Elite Four in my games. I'm just really attached to the Pokémon due to the fond memories I have of playing through the original games alongside my younger sister. Smile Plus--Bulbasaur is such an adorable starter!  Heart

for me its my salamence sally because of how long it took to find in the hidden grotto and its still one of my best pokes on that game with my new gardevoire
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Any of my team members from soul silver as that period of time is very nostalgic to me, but especially my umbreon, Moonsidian. My family and I used to go to a flea market every saturday, and I'd take him with me in my pokewalker. Bringing him to the 6th gen and getting to play with him again with pokemon amie brought back a lot of memories.
My two charizards: Blace and PortgasD.Ace. ever since pokemon came out, i knew i'll get charmander. I only bought a game when xy came out. I chose chespin, nicknamed Broot, and was excited to get charmander. In ORAS i chose torchic named Sanji and by the end, i bred my charmander. It was my first time to breed and i'm planning to breed another one, a shiny, to be named Sabo, he'll be my first charizard X
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

mine would be my blaziken in emerald
at the time when i was a newbie i really liked swampert. but then my brother came up to me and said " if you pick torchic, it might turn into some kind of fire phoenix." and to this day i still love blaziken. or it would be my serperior in black 2 because it was my first pokemon ever to level 100.
Feraligatr. My journey isn't complete in any Pokemon game without it. It also happened to be my second shiny after the red Gyarados.

And then there's Diancie. My first ever event legendary. That I actually went into a store to get.
Charmander - It was my first ever Pokemon when I first started! Then for every game I restarted, and even for Pokemon X, I chose Charmander. I felt funny whenever I chose a different starter :P The best thing was the first ever Charmander I received from Prof.Oak was a GIRL, and me being a girl too, I felt an instant connection to it, haha!

Also Pikachu for the mystery dungeon series. I needed Pikachu to be my partner because I was extremely fond of it encouraging me (as a Charmander, later on as a Mudkip in Explorers of Time) and being well... plain, old, good Pikachu Smile Also for all the games, 'my partner's' characteristics suit Pikachu too well!

Latias was the one in which got my adrenaline spiking when I was finding it in Slateport City, and found it, BUT I didn't have Mean Look and it got away! I even had a diary post to write about it and even though I was playing Pokemon on the bed, my adrenaline was in a rush to my little 11 year old self xD
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