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[DISCUSSION] Wow, I Just Can't Even ...
Thank you all so much for sending me such an amazing gift. I couldn't even make it through the first note without crying like a baby.

This is the nicest thing I've ever received. I feel incredibly detatched sometimes because I don't get to leave the house very often, and many of my online interactions, although meaningful, are relatively brief. But to see how much PokemonForever, which I consider to be an extention of myself, has helped so many people is incredibly uplifting to say the least.
[Image: b8797Ll.jpg]

I'm getting a book to put all of your cards in, and I have no idea what to do with this Psyduck. I love it so much I almost want to eat it so it can be part of me forever. That being said, I'll most like put it on top of my shelf where normal people put things, that way I can stare at it every day or take it down to give it hugs.

Thank you again. Words can't truly capture what this means to me.
[Image: ALI8Ay1.jpg]

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[Image: zQYvJ4d.jpg]

[Image: gJVB4Ro.jpg]
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<3 You're welcome Justin!

You started this wonderful community, you deserve all the praise, love, pizza, and all that!
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Guess the secret's out. Well this was a collaborate effort organized by @naitre , @ChaseInfinity , the Mod Team, and all the other forum members here. Honestly I thought this whole little scheme of ours would be spoiled given how many were involved in this, but guess the surprise was there. Everyone involved, including myself wrote a little something in that box so be sure to read it while you can. If anything, thanks for making this community happen in the first place.

PS Merry Christmas Flynn :p
:] Happy holidays Justin!
Glad you like the gift! Happy Holidays Justin :D

(Dec 23, 2016, 02:37 PM)Black117 Wrote: Honestly I thought this whole little scheme of ours would be spoiled given how many were involved in this, but guess the surprise was there.

Yep, as Black said, we're very grateful to all who participated, and for not spoiling the surprised, thank you all so very much <3
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Ha! You've underestimated my stupidity.
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Hang tight justin we grow this bigger becuase thats who we are. WE ARE POKEMONFOREVER.COM!! WE ARE FAMILY!
The I just wanted to thank everyone involved. Y'all did a real cool thing. All of this was put together and planned by @naitre. The rest of the mods just forgot to write their things. Merry Christmas Justin, thanks for being a cutie<3
ok so how do i make a signature?
Merry Christmas @Justin, enjoy the holidays and hope you have an awesome new year! Special shout out to @naitre for organising it too!
Heart Awwwww Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Justin!! You've really been a changing force in all our lives!
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Happy holidays Justin! Man that Psyduck is the cutest thing ever! Heart

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