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[IMPORTANT] January Meet and Greet - A New Year's Treat
Not sure if I can find a picture for this but I will look.   (10 mins later ans still haven't found one). Ummmm...... I guess I will edit one.... umm here

[Image: Screen_Shot_2018-01-04_at_10.43.59_PM.png]

(What a way to welcome the new year)

Back again with the January Meet and Greet, ITS A ME, FIRETACO and if you think I'm out of material to talk about you are wrong  Tongue

Now our meet and greets are not only here to have some discussions, but to also give new members a chance to enter the community we have here.  And of course this community could not be possible with out the help of the current mod @stephenWITNESS and my fellow Kahuna @0kamii.  AND OF COURSE TheJustinFlynn TOO. If you need anything from our mods feel free to send us a DM

Now to get to the good stuff:

Featured Threads:  

Our very own @"yung lord" is hosting a "Middle Cup Tournament" and its happening this weekend, so feel free to sign up here:

Come join my "Co-huna" if you will, in a discussion on what our Rock Type Gym would be here:

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One of our most popular sections, Feel free to join the party here:

It's here for all your competitive help, you can bet to see a lot more of me there in the next few weeks, 
and here too  Tongue


@Lady Yuki 

1. What is your favorite Poketuber?

Mine is this guy by the name of PokeStrikes, he does a lot of VGC 2018 and other battle stuff too.

2.  Best Pokemon Form? (This is any pokemon that goes by the same name, but has a different appereance)

I love the Rotom Forms, and I love Rotom Mow the best, it just has a highly satisfying design in my mind, Plus its a levitating lawn mower, how uneffective.

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

I have collected a lot of Roto Prize money so I will be looking forward to level grinding in the Pokemon League. 

Welp thats it for me, have a good night everyone and I will see you down below, 

~ FireTaco
1. What is your favorite Poketuber?
None i think (cause i mostly prefer to finish my games without help)

2. Best Pokemon Form? (This is any pokemon that goes by the same name, but has a different appereance)

Mewtwo will always be strongest so is my favorite. (but his form change is little strange so i chooose mega lucario i think or maybe also black charizard, any mysterious looking similiar to lucario pokemon

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

Now being at the grand trial almost (first doing diglett tunnel tommorow) in u moon.

my rotom that i like as power is the egg breeding chance increase (yet to use collected some)

and similiar usefull like the catch increase that might come in handy by getting rare mons like legends easier or something.

[Image: nst6WFe.gif]

@Lady Yuki Hey you watch anime?
@dmann happi y to you too ( y = year )
@Aviaress Where did yuu goo
@Hatonacat long time no see, happi to y too
@Brokenstars i don't remember y but yu were chosen by destiny to be tagged by me
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1. What is your favorite Poketuber?

I don't really bother watching any so I've not got one.

2.  Best Pokemon Form?

If you asked me last week it would be Mega Garchomp because it has the most fabulous shiny (excluding magikarp), but now I think Dawn-Wings Necrozma might just get this one. Except the random necromorph-ish arms.

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

100% Roto-Prize Money! I just use a couple of them, give my 1st pokemon an amulet coin and then grind the league. I get P 79,400 per member and then about P 48,000 for the champion fight.

And I'm going to tag @stephenWITNESS and ask the most basic question I can think of:

Since I've never asked, what's your favourite type in general?
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Ooh, I like this set of questions! Let me at these! Also, @FireTaco, thanks so much for the post spotlight!

1. What is your favorite Poketuber?

My favorite PokéTubers include TheAuraGuardian, Truegreen7, TheJWittz, CybertronProductions, and WolfeyVGC. I also watch a lot of MandJTVPokeVids, and JubileeBlais.

2.  Best Pokemon Form? (This is any pokemon that goes by the same name, but has a different appereance)

Why, Alolan Sandslash obviously! Not only my favorite form, but easily one of my top favorite pok
émon of all time. Definitely at least 5th or 6th place behind some VERY sentimental attachments.

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

I don't really use the Roto-Powers, mainly because I never feel the need. Does that make me sound cocky? Eh, either way, the most useful O-Power was definitely the Breeding Power. I do a lot of breeding, and having something that stacked with Flame Body/Magma Armor was a godsend. It's a shame it didn't make it into Gen 7. Would've made all my Masuda method hunts so much easier.

I think I'll tag all of
Amethyst 0mega:
@ScottyThunder this dude: @PerfectPenguin7

My question for all of you is: What is your most fond breeding experience? If you haven't bred anything that comes to mind, instead what would you like to have fond memories of breeding?

This'll be an interesting one for sure! 
Big Grin

- 0kamii
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First off, have to give a big shout out to @FireTaco for making this months meet and greet! Also shout out to @TheAlmightySancho for the tag! To answer your question, I'd have to say that my favourite type is probably grass. Green is my favourite colour so that's probably a big factor in it, but I also think that the grass type has some of the best mon designs eg, Leafeon, Shaymon, Carnivine, Celebi etc. there's just so many!

Now on to the meet and greet questions:

  1. My favourite poketuber is probably Alex Ogloza. Even though he stopped making content for youtube, back in the day when he did upload, he had a good variety videos that he put out. From Pokefact videos to competitive stuff, he was definitely one of the most entertaining poketubers to watch. Also I'd say the he had probably the second best pokemon related twitch stream......
  2. Got to give it to Shaymin's Sky Form. One of my favourite designs going + it's pretty fun to use in competitive.
  3. As far as Roto Powers go I can't say that I've ever even used them. Back in gen 6 I used the hatching o-power all the time, but since I haven't gotten into competitive as much this gen I haven't had a reason to use roto power equivalent.

For my question I'm going to tag @TheWildShannon. What is your favourite shiny Pokemon that you've caught?
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Thanks for the tag!

1. What is your favorite Poketuber?

Probably aDrive. He does a lot of fun Lets Plays.

2.  Best Pokemon Form? (This is any pokemon that goes by the same name, but has a different appereance)

Keldeos Resolute form

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

Roto-Hatch (I think thats what it's called..)
I’m back!
Thanks to @0kamii for the tag!

To answer your question my favorite breeding expericence was in Pokemon Omega Ruby.
I had just reset the game so I had just come by the daycare to try to hatch a Shiny Turtwig for a bit (Before I had reset I was shiny hunting turtwig) before advancing in the game. The First hatch I got a shiny turtwig and I leveled him/her to 100. Unfortunatly I must have misplaced it because I don't have it anymore.

Meet and Greet

1. My favorite poketuber has to be the auraguardian because he makes me laugh.

2. Necrozma (Dusk mane). It looks super cool.

3. Roto-Hatch. It has saved me a lot of time.
1. What is your favorite Poketuber?
Either Aaron Zheng or Alex Ogloza

2. Best Pokemon Form? (This is any pokemon that goes by the same name, but has a different appereance)

Rotom-W because it's only weakness is grass because of Levitate.

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

The hatching one is always the most useful for how I play the game.
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1. Mixeli, PokeMixr92, Bliizit and Fl.Remix

2. Ultra Necrozma

3. Roto-Catch

@FireTaco Will you get me a cupcake?
@0kamii Water Type Wolf starter or Ice Type Wolf Pokemon
@Chansey Hello!
@dmann Favorite Genie?
@stephenWITNESS Favorite Beast of Johto?
@"yung lord" Favorite Credits theme?
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