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[SHOP OPEN] [Gen VII] The Breedject Corner - Exchange breedjects for 5IV baby's!
Hey could I trade you a 5 IV Honedge I bred (Best in all but HP with very good hp) with a neutral nature for a Gible? Or I could give a Modest 5IV (pretty good spec defense but best in all else) Ralts. 
Edit: The ralts has these egg moves: Shadow sneak, destiny bond, encore, memento.
If anyone has either, i would like a ferroseed and/or a speed boost venipede

I have a
torchic HA speedboost 
kecleon HA protean 
snivy HA contrary 
totadile HA sheer force 
exeggcute HA harvest 
Treecko HA unburden 
natu HA magic bounce 
shuckle HA contrary 
magikarp HA rattled 
chimchar HA iron fist
magnemite HA analytic
gligar HA immunity 
tangela HA regenerator 
shinx HA guts 
pawniard HA pressure 
ralts HA telepathy
gible HA rough skin
froakie HA protean
mareanie HA regenerator

I am open to trades for any other pokes (preferably with a HA), so just let me know.

I would love to trade for a Gothita but I currently have feebas in the free section if you want one of those for nothing and I will trade something else for the Gothita.  I plan on doing the biggest stock update yet soon so I will be breeding and online quite a lot in the next couple of days.


I will be online a lot over the next few days, sorry for the small disappearance, I got really caught up in real life and then I found there was a problem with my router making things even worse. I will be breeding lots of Pokémon over the next few days and will keep an eye out for messages since it seems a few people were tring to contact me both here and privately so I need to catch up.

@Bird's Demise

I can't find a hidden ability whismur currently in the bank so it currently is not in stock, however I would really like a shiny deerling if you are willing to part with it and I will head into Alpha Sapphire today and get you one if you need it making it a priority to obtain
- Trade in your old breeding rejects for new 5IV baby's at The Breedject Corner!

I am willing to trade a gible for the ralts, the egg moves would be a good addition to the collection. Do you want rough skin gible or normal gibble, I will need to breed another if you want rough skin but that won't take long as I will breed from my competitive Garchomp.


I would like the HA kecleon and HA shuckle, I don't have hidden ability ferroseed currently available but I do have normal ability ones if that is ok? I can also get you the speed boost Venipede.
- Trade in your old breeding rejects for new 5IV baby's at The Breedject Corner!

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