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[SUN/MOON] Pokemon Forever's First VGC 2017 Tournament
(Dec 31, 2016, 06:23 AM)Vinnie Wrote: Had a lot of fun yesterday and want to thank @"MudkipLegend" for hosting it! Great job man

Would be amazing if we could do this more often, like say every month or so. Would that be possible to do?

And congratulations to @Black117 for winning the tournament ofcourse! :D

@Vinnie  Our first battle in round one got to be the best battle we ever did, especially on my first competition. Thank you @"MudkipLegend" for hosting this fun event. I had fun last night and hoping to join in the next one!
Haha thanks everyone! I kinda wanted wing the tournament and did for a bit. Will the final battle was haxy but its Pokemon so what can I do. Anyways we'll have more tournaments like these in the future so will try to see who else will win, or likely beat me.

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