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[TEMP CLOSED] [Gen VII] The Breedject Corner - Help with movesets and you can get free BR Pokémon!

Don't worry about the size of the order, the reason I look for breedjects or good Pokémon for competitive is to expand the shop so the more trades I get the bigger the shop grows in return, hopefully the collection will have something for everyone in the future  Tongue I have had somebody previously ask for around 12 Pokémon breedjects at once so yours is not the largest amount of Pokémon that have been requested from me

I actually have 4 trades booked currently including yours so I am going to be soo happy when I get my DS back and trade with you all, I feel guilty not being able to fulfill my promised orders
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No worries. Just let me know when you are ready to trade.
If you do have the Lileep I can offer you a 6IV Careful Eevee with eggs moves. I bread it for Curse/Payback Umbreon. 

And I see that you have HP Ice Electrike breedjects. I can offer you a competitive 5 IV Jolly Growlithe for one.
How many Rare Candies for your best Charmander?

My DS is currently broken so until I get it repaired I won't be able to trade, however the best charmander I have currently is a 5 best IV (don't know which 5) modest blaze which you can have for a rare candy
If you want I can also breed you one with the hidden ability or to other specifications if you need when I have my DS back but I would like to get at least 2 rare candies or one and a breedject to add to the shop if I am doing it to order since I don't have one prepared

according to nintendo I should get the DS back within a week
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To be honest I didn't even remember which hidden power the elektrike was  Tongue  
I already have a couple of growlithes and eevees so they are not a major priority for me, I would still trade for them but if you have something different that would be preferred
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That's fine I'll go through my bank when I get home in a few hours and I will @you with some more possible trades
I have HA Snivy with glare egg move, HA Nidoran male with sucker punch and counter egg moves and female with counter egg move, 5IV Pawniard with sucker punch and pursuit egg moves, and 5 IV Starly with double-edge, pursuit, and roost egg moves if you are interested in any of those.

Edit: and mawile breedjects with all three elemental punches and sucker punch egg moves.

I am interested in all of those, snivy isn't a major but any of the others would be great  Big Grin

Also, I got a message today saying that I should get my DS back tommorow from nintendo and their delivery company so hopefully by tomorrow evening I can start preparing for everybody's trades that are organised
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OK everyone, my DS is back and I am pretty much ready to trade when I see people Online!  It's great to be back  Big Grin 
 - Also my friend code changed so make sure to use the new one


I have your komala sat in a box ready for trading and I also have stuff you aksed for before if you still want it?


I have a magby and sableye ready and waiting for you


I have all but the lileep ready to trade, I have the lileep to breed from but I will need to do that tomorrow morning so if we trade after that then all 8 will be ready


Since my DS is back and working now I can get you sorted with a charmander, just tell me what you are wanting
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