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The November Meet & Greet - Come on Down and Eat
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Picture Credit:  SweetStarryGalaxies from DeviantArt

 Back in business

Hi, everybody! Its RetroTyphlosion, and I'm temporarily becoming honorary moderator and bringing the community the November Meet & Greet!

Before we begin, I want everyone reading this to know that our Meet & Greets are monthly posts made by our moderating team (or me, in this case), to try to bring our members together to show each other and the world our sense of community. We want to thank everyone reading this for your traffic and help with this website. Without you, we wouldn't still be around. We hope that you will stay and enjoy your time here! And, if you have any questions, feedback, words of wisdom, kudos to be given, or otherwise, please contact our two wonderful moderators @stephenWITNESS or @Unit501, or send a PM to our Kahuna duo, @0kamii and @FireTaco (hide your windows, not your kids).

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Talk to us!
  • What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?

I'm traveling to the next town over to visit relatives. My family usually does the same thing every year; we go in, feast, watch the big game, talk absurdly loudly for hours, then drive back home. Couldn't ask for anything better.
  • What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?
Contrary to the popular opinion, my favorite food is the cranberry sauce. I could live off that stuff. Or, my mother's homeade rolls. They're so good, that people have asked for the recipie instead of money when we owe them after a big favor. Or....... a roll........  stuffed with cranberry sauce...........
  • For the gamer out there, what's your favorite console?
I, of course, really like my 3DS. Without it, I couldn't do all the Pokemon that I love! I also really like the Wii. Yes, I know, its unpopular, but I like its versitality and playability. The fact that you can download tons of old games from the Virtual Console is incredible, and allows me to play old games from my childhood, like Super Mario Bros.
  • Now, let's tag a member and keep the conversation going!
For instance, lets tag member @PerchPond. You have a really neat nickname, and I like your profile pic, too. Corsola is one of my favorites!

And even if you don't want to answer the questions, please come by and say hello anyway! We'd love to speak with you.
Please remember to keep your as comments clean and family friendly as possible. Kids read these.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my hard work, and we hope you enjoy PokemonForever as much as I do!
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  • What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?
  • What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?
  • For the gamer out there, what's your favorite console?
N64. Seriously, if you never got to play it, I'm sorry. 
  • Now, let's tag a member and keep the conversation going!
@FireTaco Please notice me?
@stephenWITNESS What's your favorite? Futurama or The Simpsons?
@Drangor2 Have you ever watched a show called RWBY?
@Tony Favorite Pokemon antagonist?
@0kamii Hardest Pokemon you've bred for? {non-shiny, just competitive}   
@SenpaisLittleEevee Who's wundr?
@Agro Favorite Pokemon?
@Unit501 Are you excited for USUM yet? 
@Sharkfang2193 Favorite color
​​​​​​@Chansey You have to pick between Giovanni & Lysandre, who would you rather work for?
@ChaseInfinity You still lurking?
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Pfp by foolishlayde on Deviantart
@Kris thanks for the tag! That's a really tough question, they're two of my favourite shows. I think that the Simpsons might just edge out! Also everyone should check out the discord cos I added some killer Simpsons and Futurama emojis!
  • What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?

We don't celebrate it where I'm from so it's just going to be another normal day for me.
  • What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?

I don't really know what's considered thanksgiving food so I'll have to take a pass on this one.
  • For the gamer out there, what's your favorite console?

It's definitely my 3ds. At the moment it's the perfect portable console but I think that that switch could definitley give it a run for it's money once I get one!
  • Now, let's tag a member and keep the conversation going!

@TheAlmightySancho What's you're favourite pokemon region?
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?

I don't remember if thanksgiving exists in my country or when it happens... (I did hear about it though)

What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?

Don't remember(i like pasta?)

For the gamer out there, what's your favorite console?

My favorite is... I have many, 3ds/gbc/ gba(gba lost somewhere long ago)/ psp/ps vita/ ps3/ps2/p4 pro/ wii, i might get a Switch nxt year if it costs a little less.

Though i also might buy the new game of digimon(Similiar to the old ds version) but this time for ps vita(since its first came out last year for ps vita and was a success now they release next year another new one better one)


Now, let's tag a member and keep the conversation going!

@Hi @Kris No, never heard of, is it a new show 2017 ? (Btw did you ever saw Rurouni Kenshin?)
@Joben Everything alrgith?
@wartty Do you watch anime?
@RetroTyphlosion Have you finished the game Majora?
@Aviaress Hi, how is the weather?
@Ash_Ketchum , did you collect all games from Red/blue/yellow until last? ( I have but i lost them in house)
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@Drangor2 No, it started in 2013, however Season 5 recently started. It's a YouTube series, so you can watch it really whenever. If you like action anime, you'll like RWBY. Also no.
Timezone is GMT+10 (AEST)

Pfp by foolishlayde on Deviantart

The hardest pokémon I've bred that wasn't Shiny? Probably a Trick Room, HA Lurantis with Hidden Power - Rock. That's a spread of 31/E/30/31/30/0, with Contrary. That's a whole lot of probability. Luckily, I remember it only taking a few batches, so I got pretty lucky. I stil have her too. I named her Kahiau. Big Grin

- 0kamii
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(Nov 4, 2017, 07:21 PM)Kris Wrote: ​​​​​​@Chansey You have to pick between Giovanni & Lysandre, who would you rather work for?

Giovanni.  I'd give up my life of crime and go straight before I'd wear those HIDEOUS outfits.  Besides, Lysandre wants to kill all the animals. MY ENEMY.  The fluffy animals must live and be coddled.
@Drangor2 Weather here is gloomy/cloudy with a chance of rain.

What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?
 I'm planning on going home to take a break from college classes and exams and spend time with my family.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?
Of course the classic Turkey and mashed potatoes/gravy. Lol.  Tongue

What's your favorite game console?
I love to play my 3ds and Nintendo switch. Right now I'm playing Mario Odyssey and planning on playing Ultra Sun when it comes out.
Thanks, @stephenWITNESS! I'd say that my favourite region is definitely Hoenn because it's got a really wide range of areas all over the place. Also, you go to space in ORAS. 
  • What are planning on doing this thanksgiving?
Well, I live in Yorkshire. Not that much of England seems to celebrate thanksgiving but if I did, I'd go chill out with the boyos all day. Simple, but beautiful. 
  • What's your favourite thanksgiving meal?
I'll just say the classic turkey. I'm normally eating turkey on the day. 
  • What's your favourite games console?
Don't hurt me for saying I play on my XBox a lot at the moment. I used to spend my life on PS2 and my Wii, but the Wii's broken and the PS2 is...somewhere. Other than that, I use my 3DS a lot.

@wightvoid You're fairly new here, come on down! What's your favourite villain team in Pokemon?
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Disappointed about the Thanksgiving-theme, It's Americentric and marginalizes the mass-murder and enslavement of indigenous people commited by settlers and Columbus. Aswell as being historically inaccurate (no, settlers and indigenous people did not live happily together, celebrating a successful harvest. They were enslaved and forced to work for the settlers, and were maimed if trying to refuse) It's only celebrated in North America. It's rather alienating, considering the large portion of non-North American users on this site that don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I wrote this in the last version of this post.

@RetroTyphlosion My username is my real-life lastname translated into English. Corsola has one of the best shiny colour-schemes out there in my opinion, so yeah it's nice. I guess I can only answer one of the questions. The original Xbox is dear to me, many hours of Halo 1 on that thing.

@Sharkfang2193 I'll tag u this second time around. Do as u pls, wreck it, answer things, or don't, the possibilities are are are are well, possible?
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