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First shiny!
I got mine completely by accident. It was a Weepinbell in a horde encounter. I've been trying to breed shiny's using masuda method, but with no luck so far... Sad
My first shiny was my vulpix that I hatch in black after 12 years on grinding... Nothing came easy to me at all.
Congrats! mine as a shiny pidgey on pokemon crystal. i also got a shiny noctowl on the same cartridge.
My first shiny was a Weedle -facepalm- I wasn't even shiny hunting, but it looks cool evolved into Beedrill though. Smile
My first shiny was shiny grimer in Heartgold, a random encounter. At that time i didn´t know what a shiny was so i didn´t freak out. But if that had happen today i had been freaking out. :D
Congrats on getting your first shiny! I am still working on mine. I have 4, but I got them from trades, I am still working on getting my first CAUGHT shiny.
Pokemon trainer since 2004!
I've only ever encountered 5 shines and I've been playing since gen 1. My first ever shiny was in Pokemon diamond when I first learned about the poke radar to chain for shinies and after a chain of like 31 or so I got my first ever shiny which was my favorite Pokemon of the generation. A shiny Shinx! Since then I haven't gotten any shinies till ORAS and now I've caught 2 different shiny bunearies and I've hatched a shiny hawlucha and a shiny honedge.
Back in Pokemon Heartgold I got my first shiny, a shiny zubat, I really did not know what a shiny was but it looked different then the others i had been seeing (I was training my pokemons in the victory road). the greenish pokemon zubat looked cool so i trained it and soon enough it became a crobat and it looked soooo cool, well congratz on the octillery man , I really have wanted that shiny lol! :D
(Feb 27, 2016, 01:54 PM)SilverAsh Wrote: Congratulations, well my 1st shiny was whismur after 100+ something hordes!!

My first shiny was also a whismur D:

Although I forget if it was from a horde or not... hmm.

The first shiny I actively searched for though was a vulpix with the masuda method. I still have it and its all the way to lvl 100 now :D
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I was goint on the route to veilstone from pastoria in diamonds story and i randomly find a shiny girafarig by chance
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