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[TUTORIAL] Pokemon Guides and Tutorials Master List
I never thought the guide section would get so epic. There are so many tutorials that I can't stick anymore threads so here is a master list of everything that I've found to be notable so far. (Sorry if I missed some threads)
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Great job cleaning this up so that its way easier for the users.
Is there an advanced breeding guide for hidden power breeding
(Jul 16, 2015, 01:25 PM)naitre Wrote:
(Jul 16, 2015, 12:17 PM)terrorkid94 Wrote: Is there an advanced breeding guide for hidden power breeding

Not sure how to turn that into a guide. Mom has a 60% chance to pass it down, one of the parents must have the HA for the egg to get it, and you can't inherit an HA from a ditto.

I think you misread I was talking about the move not Hidden Abilities
thnx alot Justin for featuring my post in this Smile
Just a reminder for any new people, these are all the guide we currently have, some of them maybe outdated but they're a good starting point Smile
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